Monday, August 29, 2011

PreK Open House

Tonight, we went to the PreK Open House to meet Katie Anne's teacher, see her classroom, and learn who her new friends in class would be!  Katie Anne's teacher this year will be Lisa Carter, and her teacher's assistant with be Lori Bolen.  I've known Mrs. Carter for a few years because she worked at CPS in kindergarten before she moved to preK, and I've heard lots of excellent things about Mrs. Bolen.  So, we're very excited with Katie Anne's teachers!  Her classroom is very small, but very cute - and full of lots of fun centers, games, books, and art activities that KA can't wait to explore!  She doesn't know anyone in her class, but we assured her that she will make new friends quickly.  She's very excited - and really nervous, too - about her first day in preK coming soon!

Katie Anne wore an apron knot dress that I made for her to Open House.  She looked so cute!

 Katie Anne brought each of her teachers a cupcake as an Open House snack! 
 I literally got tears in my eyes when I watched KA sign her little name on the Open House paperwork.  I've been passing out these same papers to parents and kids for 9 years, but it is surreal to see my own baby girl signing her name to them for the first time!
 Katie Anne with her new teachers Mrs. Carter (standing) and Mrs. Bolen (kneeling).
 They made a picture of our family for the bulletin board.

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