Friday, June 22, 2012

Meeting Baby Loretta June!

On the way down to the beach for our vacation, we stopped halfway in Moultrie to spend some time with Carlton and Trisha... and meet the three-week-old Loretta June Jones!  We were so excited to see Baby Lori (or Baby LuLu as SJ had already nicknamed her) in person!  

We actually met Carlton, Trisha, and Lori at a Mexican restaurant for dinner first.  Then, we went back over to their house to spend some time with Baby LuLu!  When we were looking at Lori's nursery, SJ spotted a "MiMi Mouse" in a basket.  He immediately grabbed it, and I thought he just wanted to hold it.  But, he ran hard with it straight to Baby Lori, and he gave it to her to hold!   Such a sweet boy... he loves babies!

I think she likes it!

We all got to hold Baby Lori - even the kids!  She is so sweet!
Look at KA's excited face!

Baby Lori and Uncle Saunders!
Both kids had picked out a little something special for Baby Lori, and they enjoyed giving their gifts to Carlton and Trisha for her.

We spent the night at a hotel in Moultrie, and thank goodness we did- these two tiny kids were wild and wired and stayed up late!  They would've kept Baby LuLu up all night!
Wild man!
Finally ready to crash!

On Saturday morning, we went back to see Baby Lori before we headed down to the beach at lunchtime.  She was so sweet - she rocked and napped in her swing like such a sweet girl.  We loved getting to spend time with her!

One more little cuddle, and then we had to leave!  Can't wait to hold this little lady again in a week!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Fun!

On Father's Day morning, Katie Anne and I got up really early (5:00 for me and 5:30 for her - she was a champion!) to get everything ready for Daddy's celebration!  We got the kitchen all decorated, the gifts set out, and the ice cream bar set up!  Right as we were getting things finished up, SJ woke up and helped us with the final touches.  

Then, it was time to wake up Daddy and tell him Happy's Father's Day!  

He loved his surprise, his breakfast, and his presents!

We gave Saunders a cooler filled with craft beer, golf balls that say #1 Dad, a golf hat, trail mix, and we took his golf shoes and had them re-spiked!

For brunch, we headed over to m parents' house to celebrate with Granddad and Greg!

My mom had a big, yummy brunch for everyone.  We enjoyed sitting around and visiting together!  My dad got a new life jacket for the boat and a big collage framed filled with family pictures for his office.  Saunders got a new dress shirt, golf balls, and a gift card for a vacation date night!  Greg got k-cups, golf balls, and a date night night gift card, too!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Getting Ready for Father's Day

This year, I couldn't think of any good ideas for Father's Day.  Saunders had done such a good job on Mother's Day this year that the pressure was really on, and I had no good ideas!  Also, about 2 weeks before Father's Day, Saunders told me that he'd already bought his own present - a new gun holster!  So, that took the option of thinking of an awesome gift out of the equation, too.  (We did get him several small things, though.)  So, I was stumped.

I went to my mom and Jillian for help, and they helped me brainstorm a lot of good ideas.  I finally settled on a dessert for breakfast theme.  We were going to have waffles with ice cream and bananas... sort of an ice cream sundae meets breakfast combo.  Then, we'd have all the toppings for a make-your-own sundae bar!  The kids got very excited about this idea.  We went shopping for all the ingredients and spent several afternoons making decorations for Father's Day!

We also made all-about-Daddy books.  The kids filled in the blanks and drew pictures to illustrate.  They were cute and funny!  Katie Anne put a lot of thought into hers and got lots of answers right about Daddy... but she did guess that Daddy weighed 40 pounds!  SJ's answers were hilarious... most of them were "bank" and "eat eat!"  According to him, Daddy works and eats and works and eats!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Keeping Caroline!

This week, Jillian was working on a special project for Greg for Father's Day.  She needed to use the printer at my parents' house, so she asked if I could watch Caroline for a little bit while she worked on it.  Of course, the kids and I were happy to let little Caroline hang out with us!  She was excellent while she was here - never shed a tear!  (Although, she did do some of her normal squealing, which worried SJ until he realized that was a happy sound!)  She loved playing with the kids' toys and the sensory bottles that we'd made.

All three kids!
 Just the girls!
 Katie Anne took this one of me, SJ, and Caroline.

 Big fake smile - but he was so happy that Caroline was here!
 Playing together

Caroline had fun here, and we had fun having her here  - she can come stay with us anytime!