Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to Emma - Katie Anne's First Sleepover!

Tonight, Katie Anne is sleeping over at Emma's house with a bunch of girls to celebrate Emma's 6th birthday.    I can't believe our baby girl is old enough for spend the night parties!  Katie Anne was so excited about the party - she's been looking forward to it and counting down the days.  I was a little nervous to leave her, but I know she'll do great with Natalie and she'll have a blast!  SJ and I dropped her off this evening, and I snapped a few pictures before I left.

Happy Birthday, Emma!

 Lily and KA with their look alike dolls
 Checking out their AG dolls... it was a bring-your-own doll party, so KA was so excited to take Chloe with her!

 Katie Anne never shed a tear when SJ and I left... she was too busy having fun already!  SJ was a different story... he did NOT like leaving his Sissy!  He cried and cried for her when we got in the car.  How sad - but how sweet that he loves her that much!

**Update- When she got home the next morning, she reported having an AMAZING time!  Apparently, she's a real night owl and stayed up super late!  We are very happy and surprised that she stayed all night - what a big girl!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Fun!

We had a great Valentine's Day this year! 
Earlier in the month, I made the kids special outfits to wear to their Valentine's parties.  Here they are, modeling their cute new looks!

 Katie Anne and I had fun making valentines for friends and teachers that we'd seen on Pinterest!

SJ had some cute valentines to hand out to his friends at school, too!

Katie Anne and I also made a wax heart project that we'd seen on Pinterest.  We used the hearts we made to decorate the windows in the breakfast room.

Opening special Valentine's treats from Mommy and Daddy!

 On Valentine's Day, the kids wore their cute outfits to school for their parties.
What a handsome boy!

 What a pretty girl!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to Granddad!

Tonight, we celebrated my dad's birthday at one of his favorite restaurants La Parilla in Acworth.  

SJ was a little challenging (ahem - that's mommy editorializing.  He was horrendous.), so my hands were kind of full with him and I didn't really get to talk to anyone.  

(And that's why I look kind of psycho in some of my pictures.)  

But, Katie Anne was excellent at the table (which we really appreciate) and really enjoyed chatting with Gigi and Mamaw.  

I think everyone else (other than the goofy Dude and me, the goofy Dude entertainer) had a great time, too!  

Happy Birthday to Granddad!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Babysitting Caroline!

I got to finish out my fun, exciting day today by taking care of my first niece - Little Miss Caroline!  Greg and Jillian needed a babysitter tonight, and of course I was happy to oblige them and watch the littlest lady in the Glawson family!

Caroline and I had a great time together - playing, talking (aka Caroline squealing!), and rocking in her comfy chair.  She even showed me some of those sweet smiles and silly faces!

This is how Aunt Katie rolls!  I had Caroline all taken care of, snuggled up, and got her to sleep.  
Little C was sound asleep in her bed when her parents got home!

Can't wait to babysit her again!

Registering with Trisha and Carlton

Today is a niece day!  After Addison's birthday party, I got to go and pick out cute things for my newest niece that's due in June!  Carlton and Trisha had been picking my brain about baby stuff for registering purposes, and I was so honored when they asked me to go with them to officially register at Babies R Us!  We checked out lots of baby paraphernalia, and I think Carlton and Trisha chose lots of great things.  I had a lot of fun with them, and I hope I gave them good advice.  I can't wait to meet Baby Girl Jones in June!

Addison's Birthday Party

Today, we went to Addison's fourth birthday party.  It was a pizza party theme, and it was a super cute, super fun party!  Katie Anne loved making her own pizza, and SJ loved wearing a mustache.  Mrs. Katie from Kindermusik provided activities and entertainment for the kids while the pizzas baked, and then it was time for our yummy lunch!  It was a great time!  Happy birthday, Addison!

Kindermusik time! 
Addison cracking up at SJ's mustache!
 We "mustache" you a question!
 Gross Cheetoh boy!
 Aunt Trisha was there to celebrate with Addison, too!