Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dirty Girl 5K!

Tara, Naomi, Heather, Katie, and Shawnee
Today, my little group of racing buddies ran a fun 5K - The Dirty Girl Mud Run!  This is a 5K race with 11 obstacles stationed throughout the race.  We had an absolutely awesome time at this race!  We ran hard and completed each obstacle as a team.  Overall, most of the obstacles were a lot easier than we anticipated and a few were pretty tough - we scaled cargo nets, crawled through mud, ran through tires, climbed walls, slid down hills, ran through water holes, and climbed muddy hills.  Our time was much better than we thought it would be - only 35 minutes to run over 3 miles and complete 11 challenges!

Pre-Race Prettiness!

  Here's the starting line!
Thanks to Naomi for taking these awesome during-the-race pictures! 
Obstacle #1: The Hay Bale Climb:
Obstacle #2: The Wall:
Obstacle #3: Crawling Under the Net in the MUD:
Me approaching Obstacle #4: Crawling Through Tubes:
Obstacle #5: Mud Pit
Me, Shawnee, and Tara running toward Obstacle #6: Swinging Tires
Obstacle #7: More Tires!
Shawnee and Heather running toward Obstacle #8: Ropes
Here I go toward Obstacle #9: Cargo Net Climb (Heather and Tara are right in front of me.)
Tara coming down Obstacle #10: Sliding Down the Hill
Last one!  Obstacle #11: Climbing the Hill!
We did it!  We finished it!
Post-Race Nastiness!

 My view of myself post-race ... boo!  That is so gross!
I had a great time racing with my friends in the mud, but I was sooo ready to rinse this stuff off!  Unfortunately, the post-race clean up area left a lot to be desired (and was definitely less private than advertised!)  But, we laughed through it - and held up towels for each other to change behind!  (We saw a lot of flesh in that changing room from other racers.)  We had an awesome time together and are already talking about costumes for next year!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Maverick's 2nd Birthday

This weekend, we headed over to Natalie and Brandon's house to celebrate Maverick's 2nd birthday.  The last two years have really flown by - we can't believe Maverick is already turning two!  He's really grown up into quite the little man in the last few months.  The kids loved hanging out and playing with Maverick, Emma, Lily, Bear, and the other kids that were there to celebrate with Maverick.  Here are some pictures from his cute Toy Story party!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Trisha's Baby Shower

Today, I co-hosted a baby shower for Trisha and her sweet baby girl!

I co-hosted with Trisha's sister Kristen and Heather Brown.   Here are the co-hostesses with the mommy-to-be!

It was a French-themed shower to celebrate Trisha's love of Paris - and the baby's nursery is French-themed... it's designed around maps of Paris that Trisha got during her travels there.  It was a sweet shower!

 Trisha and Carlton are not announcing the baby's name until she's born, so we had a name guessing (or suggesting) game!
 Katie Anne and Addison were two grown-up girls at the shower!
 Jillian and I filling out wishes for the baby book
 Jillian and Gigi
 The Carlton family ladies
 Trisha with KA and Addison
 Gigi hugs from KA
 Trisha got lots of wonderful presents for Baby Girl Jones!
 I gave Baby Girl a year's worth of dresses/rompers that I'd made.

We can't wait to meet the newest little Jones family member!

Drive-In TV

When I downloaded the pictures from the camera recently, I found these few pictures hidden in between sets of pictures that I'd taken!  When I asked Katie Anne about them, she said, "Oh, yeah.  We did that one day when we were here with just Daddy.  It was drive thru tv, I think.  It was fun!"  I think she meant drive-in tv... laundry baskets for cars with snacks and tv shows... what a silly daddy!  Sounds like fun!