Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wiggy Woman

Today, I had to stop by WalMart on my way to pick up Katie Anne to grab a few supplies for my class party tomorrow.  I waited until the last minute to buy Halloween goodies, hoping I could score some good clearance deals and not spend too much.  It worked!  Most of the Halloween supplies at WalMart were 30% off, and I got several packages of goodies for my party there.

I also saw that their wig selections were on sale!  There were three little kid-sized wigs on sale - only $3.00 each!  I bought one of each for Katie Anne to try.  I thought these would be a fun addition to her dress up basket.

At first, she wasn't exactly sure about wearing wigs (or "dress up hair", as she called it).  She said they were itchy and "pokey".  But, once she saw herself in the blonde wig, she was hooked!  She loved it so much that I had to work hard to convince her not to wear the blonde wig to Kindermusik.  Here are some pictures of her in the "dress up hair".

I may be beautiful, but I don't like itchy dress up hair.

This is a totally fake smile for my mom's benefit, so she'll take this pokey wig off me!

Ugh, Mom is making me try on another one!  Weirdo!

How many times do I have to say I don't like this?

Hey, wait a minute... who is that Dolly Parton wannabe in the mirror?

Oh my gosh, it's me!

I look amazing!

Mom told me that, if I tried it, I would like dress up hair, and I do!

Now, I'll never take off this dress up hair!  I love it!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

(Here's what sits on Saunders's desk @ work...)


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!

Today, we went to the Pumpkin Patch in Adairsville with the Adams and McWhorter families.  It was so fun to do an outing with the whole big gang.  We had a great afternoon together!  Everyone had a blast - the kids spent their time running around, playing some little games, zipping through the maze, and petting animals in the petting zoo.  Emma, Lily, Bear, and Katie Anne were all wonderful - all four were perfectly behaved and got along great!  We all went on a hayride together, took lots of great pictures, and had fun hanging out.  Although we didn't get any carving pumpkins - apparently, the weekend before Halloween is late in the season for this pumpkin patch - there were lots of cute tiny pumpkins there and a few big, giant ones.  Katie Anne absolutely loved the whole thing.  She said at dinner, "I loved going to the pumpkin patch with my favorite friends Emma, Lily, and Bear."  Here is a Smilebox of only a small portion of the over 200 pictures we took this afternoon!!!
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Our Halloween Block Party

Last night, my parents' street hosted a Halloween Block Party.  It was a lot of fun!  Everyone dressed up from the kids all the way up to adults.  There was lots of food - hot dogs, BBQ sandwiches, lots of hot dips and chips, and tons of sweets for dessert.  My parents' neighbor, Alice, had several games for everyone to play as well as fun prizes for the kids.  We lit up the fire pit at dark, and people roasted marshmellows and made smores.  We also carved pumpkins - and Sarah carved a watermelon!

There were lots of great costumes - it was so fun to go to dress up and go to a costume party!  Katie Anne wore a Snow White dress - although not her real one.  I bought her a cheap Target version so she could play freely, and it was a good thing I did - she spent about 30 minutes of the party sliding and rolling down the grassy hill in Marenda's front yard!  Saunders went as Prince Charming, and I was the Wicked Queen from the Snow White movie.  My parents dressed up as a geisha girl and a ninja.  Tim and Alice were creepy old people, Sarah was a jail bird, and their friend Nikki and her daughter Ariana were clowns.  John was a hippie, Teresa was a witch, and their son Will was Dracula... not sure what their daughter Eryn was, but she was wearing pink pajamas.  There was another couple dressed as hippies, and a few neighbors came out just dressed as themselves.  Greg and Jillian, who'd just gotten back from their cruise and were coming to my parents' house to pick up their dogs, came out and partied, too ... since they didn't have costumes, they said they were dressed up as "Hot Stuff" and "Sexy".  However, I thought their costumes looked a lot like two Pepsi fans, but maybe that's just me.  :)

Here are some fun pictures of the night! 
**There is no music - so don't worry when none plays.  I just didn't like any of the Smilebox Halloween songs.
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

CPS Fall Festival!

This morning, Cartersville Primary School hosted its annual Fall Festival.  This is the big fundraiser for the year for the CPS PTC, and they've been having this festival since Saunders and I were students at CPS (and probably before that).  It is always a big, big deal.  Classes make baskets for auctioning off, each class runs a booth for games, and there's a grill-out lunch.  I missed last year's festival - we were in Arizona - so, I was excited to take Katie Anne this year and see all the fun!

Katie Anne was so pumped for the "Fall Fiesta" as she called it ... too much Dora.  :)  We got into our best fall play wear (I really wanted her to wear her bishop dress, but I knew that wasn't practical for game playing... and thank goodness I let my practical side override my fashion side, because there were bouncy houses), and off we went!

First, we stopped by the bank to see Daddy.  Poor Saunders - he had to work this Saturday and missed the Fall Festival!  He did stop by on his way home, right as we were leaving, and he got to see it.

Katie Anne and Daddy check out his crowded desk -
lots of work to do!

Then, it was off to the Fall Festival. 
Katie Anne is eyeing all those games to play!

So much fun to be had!  Katie Anne loved the velcro toss and actually stuck two of the five toss balls to the velcro pads!

Then, it was off to the little bobbing for pumpkins tub...


And walk away without evening looking,
because you're just that awesome.

Here goes the winning toss...
right into the left side pocket!

The putting was a little more challenging...

But the fishing was right up her alley!

Then, it was outside for fun on the kindergarten playground!

I can't believe how big our little girl is getting... look at her eating this slice of pizza all by herself like a big kid!

And, she's outgrown her fear of the Chic-fil-A cow... anyone remember this scene last Christmas?  Well, she has totally gotten over it and loves the cow now!  She's getting so big!

You've got to love the "Little Canes Photo Studio"!

We had a great time at the CPS Fall Festival!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm Cleaning Out My Closet

If you remember this post, then you know that I enjoyed shopping in my own attic over the summer.  I didn't have to buy many summer clothes to fit me this year because I had plenty of things from college saved.  I knew I had lots of summer clothes from smaller sized seasons up there because I'd seen bags labeled "Summer Clothes" when I put away KA's baby stuff, but I had never seen any bags labeled with "Winter Clothes" in the attic.

So, I felt a lot of fear in my heart when I saw the temperatures dropping these last few weeks.  I am not kidding... I didn't have one long-sleeved shirt to wear.  Not one single, solitary shirt that fit.  About two weeks ago, I went to Kohl's and spent $200 on clothes - jeans, shirts, two pair of dress pants - just because I had to have something to wear to work.  Saunders wasn't too pleased about it, but I told him that he better just get used to the idea, because I can't wear pants that are six sizes too big for me to work.  People were starting to make fun of me at the end of the winter last year, and this time it would be much worse.  Most of my winter pants from last year are 14 or 16, and the jeans and dress pants I bought last week for my reunion were a 6.  So, that math just isn't going to add up... or look at all professional.

I did need to put away all my summer clothes, though.  So, I thought I'd pack them up and just check to see if there was anything in the attic today.  I dragged my one little bag of summer clothes upstairs...

When I went through this little door, I had very little hope of finding anything I could wear.

When I pulled out the three boxes labeled "Winter Clothes", it was just bad news... all my clothes from the last two winters would not fit.  I packed them all back away (because I know I will need them after I have another baby), and prepared to go downstairs and inform my poor, sad husband that I would indeed be spending $$$ on new clothes...

But wait.  What's that stacked in the far, far corner of the attic?  What is that mound of dirty trash bags, with no labels, that have obviously been up here for years?  Could it be?

Yes - wow!  Count them!  Seven trash bags ... all filled with winter clothes!  Hooray!

There are no pictures of me trying these things on, because I didn't really feel like trying them on after digging them out of the attic and sorting them.  But, I did snap a few illustrative photos of things I found...

I found lots of things with the tags still on, like this sweater from Eddie Bauer which actually may be too big...

Pair of new with tags super-cute red dress pants from Gap... perfect for an office party or UGA game!

Then, there were a lot of old faithful things from winters gone by.  Oh, "Ground Beef" sweater, how Saunders has missed you... he will be so happy to see you on my body - haha!  (Saunders really hates this sweater, which is why he says it looks like raw ground beef.  But, I love it.)

Also, I sadly found that one of those bags was an unlabeled summer clothes bag, full of things I would've enjoyed wearing this summer, like this cute little fuschia skirt... sigh...

 As you can expect, since most of these things have been packed away since 2005, a lot of the clothes are now out of style or just old or plain wierd. (And, how smart of me in 2005 to double-bag... no clothes were ruined inside.  The bags were filthy because they were in the attic when we had the house reroofed two years ago.  I guess that, since they were piled in the dark corner, we didn't see them when we moved everything out before roofing began.)  But, a lot still can't be used.  For instance, there's this unflattering shapeless greenish-blue sweater thing...
Why would I do that myself?  But, I remember wearing it to work a lot!  So, needless to say, much of what came out of those seven bags went right back into the Goodwill pile...
 However, after I culled out the old, should've-never-been-saved stuff and the trendy-two-years-ago stuff, I wound up with a BIG pile of current, still-nice-looking, my size stuff!  Here's a picture of the final haul, all sorted and ready for washing or dry cleaning and wearing!

So, I won't look like a total homeless clown when I get dressed this winter.  And, Saunders will sleep much easier tonight, knowing that my insane need to save my old clothing and my forays into the deep recesses of our attic today have saved us lots of money! 

And, one little fun addition to this post... whenever I clean out my closet, I like to sing Eminem's song of the same name.  I only know the chorus, but I just sing it over and over, every year.  Kind of a whistle while you work thing, I guess.  Katie Anne picked up part of the tune as I worked, and here's a little video of it:

Happy First Anniversary, Glawsons!


And just because you can't beat these sweet moves...

So, when you see the pictures of me all over Facebook moving and shaking all over the dance floor, you'll know where Katie Anne gets it! :)

Class of 1999 Reunion

On Saturday night, the Cartersville High School Class of 1999 celebrated our ten year reunion!  It was a lot of work for those of us on the planning committee, and it was a lot of stress as we got down to the wire and worried that we wouldn't have enough money, but everything wound up being absolutely great!

The party was held at Stonewall Manor, an event venue in downtown Cartersville.  We had a ton of food on the buffet... a carving station with two meat choices, meatballs, lots of hot dips and chips, cheese trays, veggie trays, fruit trays, a pasta bar, cheesy mashed potatoes... and more!  I can't even remember it all - It was so much food.  We had great live entertainment: the band Babe's Bayou played for us - they're an alt-country group -  interspersed with a dance mix of music while they took breaks.  We had about 100 people in attendance, which was a great turn out!  (There was about 145 or so people in our graduating class, and we had more than a third of the graduates come to the reunion.)  There was lots of great catching up, eating and drinking, dancing, and - of course - picture taking!  Here are a few of my favorite shots from the night...

Saunders and I won Class Sweethearts!

Lesley and me - we've been friends since we were in first grade together, and we worked together on the planning committee to organize the reunion!

Saunders and his best high school buds - Dustin, Martin, and Adam
Me with some of my best high school friends - Jessica, Ashley, and Carla

All the award winners!

Now - Dancing Time!

Clearing the dance floor so I can show off my sweet moves

Crankin' that Soulja Boy!

To see all of my pictures from our reunion, click here to go to my Facebook album.
We had such a great time - can't wait for our 20th!