Saturday, December 31, 2011

The American Girl Store with Gigi

As one of Gigi's Christmas presents, we gave her a special gift - a morning at The American Girl Doll Store with Katie Anne and me!  We drove down to North Point Mall together to the Atlanta AG Store.  Then, we had a special breakfast in the Bistro.  Finally, we spent some time shopping in the store together - there was so much to see!  I think Gigi had a great time on her special trip with us.  Katie Anne absolutely loved going to the store with Chloe (her new doll) and Kirsten (my childhood AG doll)... and spending time with Gigi and Mommy wasn't too bad, either!  We had such a fun time on our girls' morning out.  Here are some pictures of the fun!

I'd given Katie Anne special matching outfits for her and Chloe to wear this morning!
 Katie Anne and Gigi entering the store...

Time for our breakfast at the Bistro!

Shopping time!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Glawson Family Christmas

For Christmas dinner, we headed to Gigi and Granddad's house to celebrate with them and Greg, Jillian, and Caroline.  The kids were so excited to see everyone and give them their presents!  As usual, we had a lot of fun hanging out, eating dinner, opening presents, and being together!  Here are lots of pictures of the afternoon and evening!

Sweet Caroline's first Christmas!

Katie Anne brought both of the Fijit Friends with us.
Showing Jillian how she dances to the Fijit music!
 Of course, Peach came to celebrate Christmas, too - all dressed up in the American Girl doll clothes!
 SJ wore a comfy outfit because I thought he'd be hitting the sack early after his exciting day.  He was rocking a Santa booty!

After dinner, it was time to open all our presents!  With six adults and three kids this year, that's a lot of gifting goodness!  We got so many great things.  Some of our favorites were lots of clothes and boots for me, a holster and humidor for Saunders, and lots of great toys (and some clothes, although they tossed those aside for more toys!) for both kids.
 SJ and Granddad working together
 SJ loves opening presents!  He would barely stop to see what was inside the package - he just loved ripping the paper open, and he tried to attack other people's gifts a time or two!
My mom with her new dishes

SJ goes back to his primal gift opening roots!  Stomp stomp jump!  Thank goodness nothing that he got was breakable!
 Gigi and Granddad gave the kids read-along books that they'd prerecorded, which both kids love.  I look a little confused by it- ha!
 SJ loved the books!
My two cute kids opening presents

 SJ got really tired from the busy, fun day, and he had to hit the sack early.  So, we let him open all his gifts first, and then he headed upstairs to sleep while the rest of us finished exchanging presents.
 Jillian and Caroline tag-team opening!
Greg and Caroline tag-team opening!  All the excitement was a lot of stimulation for little C.

Saunders with his new holster!

 My dad opening a new table for the boat

 Greg opening presents from us
Saunders and his new humidor
 My parents opening a gift from me - I got us passes for a painting class together!

Best of all, Katie Anne got GoGo My Walking Pup from Gigi and Granddad!  She was beyond excited, and it definitely completed Christmas for her. 

We had such an amazing Christmas!  We are so blessed and thankful for our wonderful families and all the festive fun we have with them during the holidays!