Monday, September 29, 2008

Saunders & Friends at the UGA- Alabama Game

Saunders went to the UGA-Alabama game (no, let's not discuss the horrible first half again...) with his friend Josh, Josh's dad Harvey, and his friend Ralph. Here's a picture of the 4 of them from ESPN's Game Day in Athens before the game. Yes, all the guys Saunders took with him were Alabama fans! :)

They all had a great time hanging out in Athens, eating at Wild Wing and Gumby's, and just having a guy's weekend!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bounce 'N Beans

Today, while Josh and Saunders were in Athens for the Georgia-Alabama game, Vanessa and I took the kids to eat Chic-fil-A and try out the new Bounce 'N Beans inflatables play center. The kids, especially Katie Anne and Lily, had a great time! There are 4 inflatable play areas with obstacle courses, slides, and bouncy houses. The girls had a blast running from place to place and jumping around. It only cost $4 to play, and Katie Anne played hard for an hour and a half, so it was great fun for the price.

Lily was able to do everything... climb all the slides and play in all the inflatables. Katie Anne loved the bouncy houses and some of the climbing areas, but she wasn't able to climb up the slides by herself- I had to help her, and it was hard! I think she'll be able to do it all in a few months, and I'll be glad because my knees are carpet (or should I say plastic?) burned tonight! Bear wasn't quite old enough to play, but it will be so fun in a year or so when we can just turn all three of them loose in there! We all had a great time eating lunch and playing together! Here are some pictures from our adventure.

On our way to meet them...

The girls enjoy some yummy chicken nuggets!

What is this thing?

Oh, now we get it!

Loving the bouncy house...

Up we go...

And back down we come!

She really didn't want to pause for a picture...

Trying to climb the big slide...

Vanessa took this right as that kid slammed into my spine.

Vanessa and Bear... trying to get a mother-son photo...

There we go!

Getting ready to head out...

Katie Anne gives hugs to Lily...

And don't leave Bear out!

Hugs all around!

**By the way, I know that Katie Anne is wearing a newborn headband. She picked it out as we were getting her dressed, said "Hay-bow", and tried to put it on. She insisted on wearing it, and since it actually matched, I chose not to fight that battle. Just wanted to let you know that I know that it is a newborn one and probably way too small! :)

Highchair Times

Today, as I was eating breakfast with Katie Anne, it just struck me how big and grown up she's looking in her high chair lately. I took some pictures of her eating breakfast this morning and thought I'd make a scrapbook page (and, of course, a blog post) comparing her in her high chair over the past few months.

First time sitting in her high chair... three months old...

First day of day care... four months old...

First time feeding herself with a spoon... seven months old...

This morning- so big! I just can't get over how tall she's gotten. Seventeen months old...

To me, it is crazy how big she's getting!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Last Days in Arizona!

During our last two days in Arizona, we stayed at my cousin Jodi's house with her husband Jason, their daughter Marley, and Jodi's friend Stacy in Phoenix. They house is absolutely gorgeous, and we loved hanging out in their pool! We basically spent all day Sunday in the pool. They had wonderful food for us... we ate Fred Flintstone-sized steaks and giant baked potatoes for dinner Sunday night! We had a great time catching up with Jodi, Jason, and Stacy as well as getting to know Marley better. She's grown up so much since we've seen her last! We all laughed, cut up a lot, and had a blast during the last bit of our trip.

We're tired and still catching up on our sleep. We had an amazing trip, but we're glad to be home!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The UGA vs ASU Game!

We had such a great time at the game! Although points in the game were very stressful, the Dawgs played well and showed that we can handle a western team with a high-powered quarterback and talented receivers. We were so excited that the Dawgs won: 27-10!

The heat really wasn't that unbearable... it was VERY hot during the first quarter, but once the sun dropped behind then stadium's edge, it cooled quickly. The tough part was the dryness... we all lost our voices from screaming not too long after halftime, and we're still trying to rehydrate.

Speaking of yelling, the ASU fans do not cheer! They sit and watch the game most of the time, and when they do cheer, all they do is chant "ASU! ASU!" over and over. Very dull! We showed them how we do it down South... all the UGA fans (and there were LOTS) stood and cheered for most of the game. We were so loud and outcheered the ASU fans in volume even when they were trying! Coach Richt and the players ran over to the fan section immediately when the game was over to clap and cheer for the fans.

Pregaming it at The Mill Ave. Cue Club... lots of tv's playing football, pool tables, and Georgia fans!

At the stadium...

Here comes the boys from the South!

Carlton yells his heart out!

Where are the ASU fans? Oh yeah, they went home.
So tired... so thirsty...

We got to see Uga!

I got to pet him! Yep, that's my hand scratching his butt! Seriously, I did get to pet him a good bit, and he licked my sweaty legs! Yuck!

Little Vespa!

Carlton and Trisha's dog Vespa is so stinkin' cute. She loved me since the minute I walked into their house, and we've had a good time playing together. It has helped me not to miss Abby and Ginger too much to have a little dog running around the house!

Katie Anne's Kiddie Day Parade!

On Saturday, Katie Anne participated in the Kiddie Day Parade in Cartersville with Gigi and Granddad. She was the first "float" right behind the band- of course, they put her first because she's so cute! She wore her Halloween costume and brought her stuffed animals, so her float was "Big Top Circus". (Katie Anne's wearing this clown costume for Halloween... Gigi made it for me when I was 1 and a half for Halloween!) Here are some pictures of her as she parades around town.