Sunday, October 31, 2010

Everything's Ready...

The school bags, jackets, and car seat are lined up on the dining room table...
The bottles are made and labeled...
 The timer is set on my coffee...
I even found my badge!
It's that time - time to go back to work and school and daycare tomorrow!  Keeping our fingers crossed for a smooth transition into our new routine!

Our Official Halloween!

Since today is actually the real Halloween (hard to tell with the days full of Halloween activities that we've had!), Katie Anne wanted to continue the Halloween fun.  Even though our town did decide to move trick or treating to last night, I guess moving Halloween to an earlier time just doesn't make sense to a three-year-old ... and it really doesn't make a lot of sense to the rest of us, either!  

Also, since Saunders was at the GA-FL game, he'd missed most of the Halloween fun.  We didn't want to deprive him of all that wild sugar-crazed goodness!  So, we planned a few last-minute Halloween treats to do tonight as a family.

We started by trick or treating Gigi and Granddad.  We'd hung out with them last night, but Katie Anne wanted to trick or treat them on the "real" day, too - and I wanted to get a picture of them with the kids!

Then, we headed to First Baptist for their "Candy and Costumes" event.  Katie Anne had heard about it at Cubbies, and she kept asking about it, so I thought it would be fun to do.  It was fun - and there was tons to do - but it was insanely crowded!  We stayed for about an hour, and the crowds just kept getting bigger and bigger.  Katie Anne had a great time and got lots of candy - SJ slept through the whole event in his car seat in the stroller, which was awesome!
 Bouncy house madness...

Cotton candy goodness...

A pitstop with the McWhorter kiddos...

Our sleepy rider...

Trick or treat mania...

Just starting to wake up on the way to the car ... sticking his little tongue out!

We ended the night by trick or treating at Doc and VJ's house!  

After Katie Anne looted their candy bowl, sang loudly into a whisk, and danced around in a sugar-induced haze, we ate dinner with them, too.  After some visiting, we headed home to get ready for our back to school morning tomorrow!

Trick or Treating!

Even though today is officially Halloween, our neighborhood decided to do trick or treating last night.  Katie Anne was so excited!  She had been talking about trick or treating all day long and could barely wait until it was time to go.  Since Saunders was in Florida for the weekend going to the UGA-FL game and I am single-parenting it from Friday until Sunday, we went trick or treating with my parents (who also live in our neighborhood).  We made a few pictures with both kids together, and SJ visited one house with Katie Anne.
 Then, he got sleepy and cried, so he went back to my parents' house with my mom to hand out candy.  My dad, Katie Anne, and I trick or treated a few streets in the neighborhood.  She was very brave and went to lots of houses - including the two that were decorated with lots of scary stuff!  She got lots - and consumed lots - of candy and had a fabulous time!  Here are some pictures from our neighborhood trick or treating!

Dora and Boots are ready to roll!

This could possibly be the cutest monkey ever photographed.

My precious little Dora!

 Marching through the neighborhood!

I love this picture - Katie Anne's obviously thinking, "Um, someone's ruining Halloween with his ear-piercing shrieks.  I don't want to say who, but..."

 So, we sent SJ home and kept on treating!

So spooky!

 Ding dong!  Candy time!

Going through the loot!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Adams Family Halloween Party

This afternoon, we headed over to Brandon, Natalie, Emma, and Maverick's Halloween party.  All the kids were dressed up in their costumes, and Katie Anne loved checking out her friends' choices!  Natalie and Brandon had tons of great snacks and fun activities - games, coloring pages, bobbing for apples, and a hayride!  SJ slept through the whole party, but Katie Anne made up for his dozing by partying hard enough for both of them.  She had a blast running around with her friends.  She even bobbed for apples twice - but her favorite activity by far was the hayride!  She talked about it all evening.  Here are lots of pictures of the good times.
 Katie Anne with her friends Emma, Lily, and Bear
aka Dora, Jessie, Pink Bunny, and Lightning McQueen!

Vanessa and Maverick

Natalie and Maverick

  Time to bob for apples!

The kids on the hayride
 We had such a great time at the party!