Monday, October 31, 2011


 This year, the kids' Halloween costumes were Dorothy and The Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz.  Katie Anne chose these costumes this summer, and they looked so precious in them!  I made SJ's costume this year, and I had a lot of fun making the lion suit for him.  Of course, Ginger was a part of the costume trio as Toto!  We had the kids' pictures made before Halloween at Darrah Photography this year, and they looked just precious.

This afternoon, Gigi picked up SJ for me, and we met downtown so the kids could trick-or-treat the businesses there.  Here are some pictures of the trick-or-treating downtown.
 SJ didn't want to wear his mane, and he wasn't sure about accepting candy from strangers!
Unfortunately, neither kid was fully able to participate in Halloween festivities this year.  SJ was exhausted from the excitement of his school party, and he wasn't too excited about the whole trick-or-treating idea.  Katie Anne had gotten a very bad report from PreK today about her behavior, and we'd really been working on that lately ... she knew that trick-or-treating was a privilege that she could lose if she wasn't on her best behavior today.  Sadly, since she had been out of control at school, she couldn't really participate.  I wanted SJ to have the experience of trick-or-treating, so she got to come along with us for a short ride and help with SJ.  Since he wasn't excited about it anyway, we didn't stay long - and we didn't trick-or-treat any more that evening, either.  Both kids had an early bedtime, and it was a disappointment for everyone - Katie Anne had been looking forward to Halloween for such a long time, Daddy and the other grandparents were disappointed that they didn't get to see the kids in costume this year, and I had worked very hard on the costumes and getting everything ready for Halloween.  I really hated to enforce the consequences for Katie Anne (and really the whole family), but it was something that Saunders, KA, and I had really talked about and that she knew going in.  I think she learned a tough, tough lesson today - one that will result in better behavior at school.  Hopefully, next year her behavior won't be an issue - and since SJ will be a year older - we'll make next Halloween a much better one!

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