Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to Emma - Katie Anne's First Sleepover!

Tonight, Katie Anne is sleeping over at Emma's house with a bunch of girls to celebrate Emma's 6th birthday.    I can't believe our baby girl is old enough for spend the night parties!  Katie Anne was so excited about the party - she's been looking forward to it and counting down the days.  I was a little nervous to leave her, but I know she'll do great with Natalie and she'll have a blast!  SJ and I dropped her off this evening, and I snapped a few pictures before I left.

Happy Birthday, Emma!

 Lily and KA with their look alike dolls
 Checking out their AG dolls... it was a bring-your-own doll party, so KA was so excited to take Chloe with her!

 Katie Anne never shed a tear when SJ and I left... she was too busy having fun already!  SJ was a different story... he did NOT like leaving his Sissy!  He cried and cried for her when we got in the car.  How sad - but how sweet that he loves her that much!

**Update- When she got home the next morning, she reported having an AMAZING time!  Apparently, she's a real night owl and stayed up super late!  We are very happy and surprised that she stayed all night - what a big girl!

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