Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Fun!

This year, I was off the entire week of Thanksgiving.  So, that meant lots of time for the kids and I to do fun craft projects!  First, Katie Anne made picture frames for pictures of the kids in their cute Thanksgiving shirts.  She decorated the frames with patterns of dots and shapes around the picture, and then she glued fall leaf cutouts all around the border.  We gave framed pictures to grandparents, great-grandparents, and aunts/uncles at Thanksgiving celebrations later in the week.

 Peach loves being a part of the crafting action!

The kids and I made a cute handprint turkey projects as presents for family members, too. The project started with Katie Anne signing the projects.
 Then, we started with little SJ turkey handprints.  Katie Anne was the photographer here!

 Then it was Katie Anne's turn for handprints!

 That's a LOT of drying handprints!
 The next step was for Katie Anne to sponge paint the turkey bodies.

 Here's SJ's handprint before I drew on the face, beak, and feet.
 Here's Katie Anne's- hers is actually 5 prints plus the spongepainted body.
 The finished projects turned out super cute!

The day before the Johnston family Thanksgiving, Katie Anne and I made a turkey cake to take to the family party.  She thought the idea of a turkey cake up herself, and we got on Pinterest for ideas.  It was a challenging project, but it was really fun mother-daughter teamwork!

On Thanksgiving morning, we made some little acorns out of Hershey kisses, butterscotch drops, and mini 'Nilla wafers.  They were easy to do and super tasty!  Saunders got in on the crafting action and made a few, too.

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