Monday, January 4, 2010

Little Miss Organization

This morning, I was making Katie Anne some cheese toast while she worked in her kitchen.  I kept hearing, "This goes with the green ... this goes with the pink..."  I walked over and peeked to see what she was doing, and I just had to grab my camera and catch the end of her organization project:

OCD: Nature vs. Nuture?
You make the call.

Maybe I can convince her to help me with my February task of cleaning out my own kitchen cabinets!


apaprikao said...

Adorable! Miranda is big into matching her clothes and accessories, but I think that is definitely a nurture thing as my best friend Nicole is constantly enforcing that. lol

Trisha said...

Hahaha, this is too cute! What a fun game she's playing there in her little kitchen.

(I like the ponytail look!)

cindy glawson said...

And on it goes......from one generation to the next.....I love it!