Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wow - Pet Care Superstar!

I can't believe it - Katie Anne just completed a chore
by herself!

She loves to help out and do chores, but usually it takes a little (or sometimes a lot) of parental help to get the chore done.  Her chores are more of a learning process for her than actual help for us, although she certainly does a really good job for a two-year-old.  Katie Anne has been helping feed the dogs for months now, but she usually just dumps one cup of dog food (that I scoop for her) in each dog's bowl, closes the lid on the dog food container, and helps me push the big container back into the pantry.  I still appreciate the help and love that she's trying, but it has definitely been a parent-and-child project.  I wouldn't describe it as Katie Anne having a chore she can complete on her own.

Well, when we walked in this afternoon, she was desperate for apple juice ... and the dogs were desperate to be fed.  So, I told her I'd get her a drink if she could feed the dogs for me.  I honestly expected her to start the process, but I was really just expecting it to keep her busy long enough for me to make the apple juice.  Well, turns out we're out of big bottles of apple juice, so I had to cut open a juice box, squeeze it into a cup, add water ... it took longer than I thought.  Suddenly, I heard Katie Anne yell towards the door (the dogs were outside, barking and scratching to get back in), "Hey, don't bark at me!  I'm hurrying to feed you!"

I turned to look, and she was about halfway through the job!  She'd opened the pantry, turned on the light, dragged out the container of dog food, opened it, and was scooping Ginger 1/2 a cup!  As I grabbed the camera, she dumped Ginger's food into her bowl and headed back for Abby's!  She even remembered on her own, "Abby gets one big scoop."

Then, it was time to close up the container...

Open the pantry...

Push in the very heavy container - and she knows exactly how it should go so the door will close...

And shut the door!

I was so totally impressed!  She did the entire job all alone.  I gave her lots of praise, but she didn't seem to think it was a big deal at all - she said, "Mommy, I feed my dogs every day."  I guess she didn't see the difference between us doing it together and her doing it alone, but I noticed!  Now, I can completely turn over the afternoon feedings to her when we get home from school ... what a great feeling to have a kid who's old enough - and willing - to help with chores!
I'm loving it!


Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

Great job!!!

The Brown Family said...

I love that the first pic has her with her award cup of apple juice! Great job Katie Anne