Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our Little Chef

Our little chef loves to cook in her kitchen! 
Here's what she loves to do...
First, she washes her hands - cleanliness first!

Then, she gets her oven mitt on - safety second!

Now, it's time to gather her supplies.

She gets some water in her measuring cup for a recipe.

Then, it's time to get her food out of the refrigerator.

She checks on her baking in the oven...

and grills up some sushi rolls.

A good chef respects the tools!  She loves her giant knife.

Now, the food's all done! Time to serve it to the hungry customers.

All done!  Time to clean up!


Lana said...

Haha! Iron Chef KA! Hope you feel better soon - maybe she can make you some comfort food. :D

cindy glawson said...

Cute, cute apron set. Looks like Strawberry Shortcake to me.