Sunday, January 16, 2011

Playdate with the Jolly Family!

Today, we got together with the Jolly family for a playdate!  We headed to the Jolly's for a big lunch and playtime.  We actually had not exchanged Christmas presents with them yet - Katie Anne, SJ, and Ella were all sick during the holidays, so we'd put off exchanging until all the kids felt better.  We had great BBQ from the Big Green Egg, yummy sides like cucumber salad, pasta salad, and baked beans, and tasty desserts, too!  The girls played with Ella's kitchen, play dough, dress up, and a crazy game called "Beat the Ball" that tired both them out big time!  The boys enjoyed sitting around and gumming their new toys.  

 Time to open presents!

 The boys just hanging out

 Ella got Katie Anne a Leapfrog Scribble and Write, and she loves it!
 SJ discussing his gift - an adjustable playbar that he uses every day! - with Colin.
 Dress up time!  Everyone got in on the fun!
 The girls loved styling our hair.  Erin got a very fancy princess 'do ...
 while mine was a little more avant-garde.
 SJ dressed up, too!
We had such a great time - I literally laughed until my face hurt at one point over "the word we don't say"!  I hope we don't put off another Jolly-Jones playdate as long as we did this one because we always have tons fo fun when we get together!

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