Sunday, January 23, 2011

SJ's First Haircut!

Do you remember this wild haired child with his natural fauxhawk?
Well, that hairstyle is just a distant memory now ... because Daddy convinced Mommy that it was time for SJ's first haircut today!
 It was a true family project.  While Dad made pictures with the still camera (hence no pictures of him), Mom did the trimming and buzzing...
and big sister was in charge of the video!  Look at our little videographer!
Katie Anne was so excited and proud to be involved in a big milestone for SJ!
  I was fine with giving SJ a little trim around the sides and back... he'd started to grow a little baby mullet, so he definitely was in need of a trim.  I was even willing to cut his mohawk down a little bit because it had been flopping over* and not standing up nice and neat.  However, I was not ready to totally give him a military style buzz cut ... which is what Daddy wanted, and which is what I finally caved under peer pressure and did!  Here's the results - our little recruit is all ready for basic training!

*When I first cut the mohawk, I knew it was a mistake.  When I saw the finished haircut, I cried!  SJ didn't even look like himself - he looked so grown-up!  Saunders totally thought it was a good idea, but I thought it was a horrible mistake to cut SJ's signature 'do.  But, Saunders was sure he'd been right - he said that SJ would be made fun of if he kept rocking his floppy mohawk.  Apparently, Saunders am not the only one who thinks so.  After the haircut, I heard that people thought SJ looked like Conan O'Brian ... 
 or a Baby Tidal Wave ... 
 or -gasp- The Lorax.
(Just for the record, Josh McWhorter... the Lorax is bald.  When SJ is rocking a mighty mustache like Wilford Brimley, you can call him the Lorax.)

However, I later changed my opinion and had to admit that Dad had been right on this one ... SJ looks much, much better with his short hair.  And, now that I know he was quickly developing some crazy hair-based nicknames, I'm very glad we cut it!  
Regardless of the hairstyle, he still looks totally cute!


cindy glawson said...

I agree with Saunders, he does look so cute with the new buzz cut. He is adorable either way! I am so impressed with Katie Anne making the video! That is a girl of many talents!

Tara said...

I love it! Way to be brave Mom. Also, love the new header!

Trisha Jones said...

I completely understand your emotional bond to the baby's little tidal wave! It was very chic and he carried it with pride. It took a lot of guts to go at it yourself! He is still just as cute as ever though! We love baby Hambone!