Sunday, January 30, 2011

Playing at the Park

This weekend, the weather has been beautiful - it's actually felt almost spring-like!  After spending what feels like the entire month cooped up inside, we decided to load up the double stroller and walk over to the playground in our neighborhood for some climbing, sliding, and swinging.  Katie Anne had a great time and got tons of energy out, and even SJ got in on the action with his first trip in the swings!

Katie Anne had a great time playing tag with Daddy ... but she busted it hard on the pavement and cut her little upper lip up.  She completely manned up and didn't even cry about it!

The playground trip totally exhausted the little man - he spent the last hour of the trip snoozing with me holding him!  Look at these sweet sleeping baby pictures... and how light his hair is in the sun!

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