Friday, March 30, 2012

Katie Anne's Easter Egg Hunt at School

Today, Katie Anne had her Easter Egg Hunt and party with the PreK! 

They made a whole morning of it and went to Dellinger Park.  They had a fun time playing basketball, going on a nature walk, having a picnic lunch, and hunting their eggs!  

Katie Anne was excited that both Mommy and Daddy got to come to her morning out, although not at the same time.  Saunders took off a few hours in the morning and hung out with her at the park, and then he headed back to work.  I came to see the egg hunt for about twenty minutes on my lunch break because today was a critical day for me at work (my class had their egg hunt and party today, too).   No one took a picture of Saunders and KA together, but I did ask Mrs. Bolen to snap a picture of KA and me!

It was a fun day, and Katie Anne had a great time!

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