Monday, March 5, 2012

Katie Anne's Tennis Lessons!

Today, Katie Anne started tennis lessons!

She's taking weekly private lessons after school once a week.  Today was her first lesson, and she did an awesome job!  Her teacher is the tennis pro at the Country Club - Mysti Lancaster.  Mysti went to high school with Saunders and me - we actually double-dated with Mysti to our senior prom!  It's a small world - we're so glad someone we know and trust is teaching KA how to play tennis.  Mysti says that Katie Anne has a lot of natural talent and that she's doing a great job so far!

VJ loves to play tennis - she has played on Alta tennis teams for years.  She's a very good tennis player, and she would love for Katie Anne to play tennis, too!  So, she offered to pay for Katie Anne's tennis lessons and take her to tennis since the lesson starts while I'm still at work.  

Thanks to VJ for sharing her favorite sport with Katie Anne!

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