Sunday, March 25, 2012

Outside Fun & A New Project

Today, Katie Anne and I started on a new project that I'd been wanting to do for awhile.  Katie Anne loves to play Angry Birds on my iPad, so I thought she would love to play an Angry Birds game outside with cans.  I thought this is a game that SJ could play, too.  Katie Anne and I have been saving veggie cans.  We went and picked out our colors of spray paint, and we were ready to get started.  (We also picked out a red ball and Krylon paint for plastics, but that part of the project didn't work out.  The paint stayed sticky and never dried, so Daddy found a great Angry Birds ball at Toys R Us that worked even better!)
  Oh so sunny!
 We started by painting the center of the cans light green - this was for the pigs' faces.
 While KA and I worked, Daddy and SJ played outside.  SJ got this riding toy from Gigi and Granddad for Christmas, and he loves it.
 He also took a turn on his motorcycle, or his 'cycle as he calls it.  We gave him this for Christmas, and he loves it, too! I knew he'd love all these riding toys once the weather warmed up.

While we waited on the cans to dry, KA rode her bike.

 The kids love being outside!
  The kids and Daddy started getting more daring, and they wanted to ride this toy really fast down the driveway.  Mommy had to be the responsible lame parent and insist that everyone who rode down the hill wear a helmet.

 Since SJ does everything that Sissy does - and we don't have any boy helmets yet - that meant SJ had to ride in a Disney princess helmet!

 SJ says he doesn't care - real men wear pink!

I worked for a few more sessions on our Angry Birds cans (this turned out to be more of a Mommy project with all that spray painting), and then we were ready to play a few days later!
Our finished cans:
Angry Birds fun!

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