Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving at The Joneses

Today, we celebrated Thanksgiving with Saunders's family at Doc and VJ's house. Carlton and Trisha came up this weekend to celebrate with both their families because they had to work on the days around Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, both Saunders and Doc had to work today as well!  Both of them came over as soon as they got off work - Saunders got there for lunch at around 12:30, and Doc got to visit with everyone when he got home at around 3:00.  It was tough to plan a time for Thanksgiving around everyone's work schedules, but we got it done and had a good time doing it!  The kids and I headed over early to visit and make crafty things. VJ had come up with several fun holiday crafts for Katie Anne to work on ... she made turkey cookies with a little help from VJ, Mommy, and Trisha.  Then, VJ had wooden pilgrims and scarecrows for Katie Anne, Carlton, and Trisha to color as place settings.  VJ and Grandmama had cooked lots of delicious food, too.  We had turkey and dressing, squash casserole, marinated black beans, cheesy potatoes, meatballs, spinach dip, and rolls.  It was a great Jones Thanksgiving!
 Before we left, Katie Anne packed a diaper bag for her doll and got her all buckled into her infant carrier.  She took everything Cry Baby might need for her trip to Doc and VJ's.  Katie Anne's such a good mommy to her dolls!
 Meanwhile, I got my baby and all his things ready, too.  He took a snooze in his car seat when we arrived at Doc and VJ's.
 Grandmama cooking yummy Thanksgiving stuff:
 Katie Anne and VJ:
 Trisha and Carlton:
 Katie Anne loved making the turkey cookies that VJ had for her:
 That's some serious cookie concentration:
 A flock of finished turkey treats:
 Time for coloring the pilgrims and scarecrow!
 SJ being his little charming self:
 SJ and VJ:
 Daddy's here!
 Two daddies with two babies:
 I'm so thankful for my two babies!


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