Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!

Yesterday, we did all our Christmas decorating!  It was great to get the house all set up for the holiday - and to start SJ's first Christmas season!  

 "What's on my head?"

We wanted to get a new tree this year, but we decided to wait one more year on that.  So, our tree is a little rough - as the Grinch says, "There's a light on this tree that won't light on one side."  Make that quite a few lights!  Once we got the ornaments on, it still looks really festive.

Our own personal Grinch put herself in timeout for awhile during the decorating fiesta.  Why?  Because she was "feeling cranky".  Why was she feeling cranky?  Because we didn't let her dictate where every.single.ornament was placed on the tree.  
Luckily, after about 5 minutes of her self-imposed timeout, she was ready to rejoin the party and be a great helper!

The Elf on the Shelf - Frisbee - also made his debut yesterday!

Katie Anne loves playing with her Little People nativity:

Tree decorating tired these two boys out!
(And yes, SJ's wearing a pink Swaddle Me.  Originally courtesy of Marley Coren, then passed down from Katie Anne Jones... nothing wrong with a hand-me-down!  Real men wear pink.)


Jason, Erin, Ella, and Colin said...

I love the timeout pictures! So funny:)

Steve Finnell said...

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