Saturday, February 5, 2011

Greg and Jillian's Birthday

On Saturday night, we celebrated Greg and Jillian's birthdays at my parents' house.  Jillian's birthday is actually on Sunday, and Greg's birthday was about 2 weeks ago - but they were in Gatlinburg for his birthday weekend, so we did a combo party today!  We got both of them shirts for their birthday - a red and blue plaid dress shirt for Greg and a hot pink sweater for Jillian.  Greg got some camping pants from my parents, and Jillian got a Pandora bracelet with charms.  My mom made lots of yummy food- barbeque, sausage balls, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, and two desserts - apple pie for Greg and banana pudding for Jillian!  It was very tasty, and we all had a fun time hanging out together and celebrating Greg's 26th and Jillian's 23rd birthdays!

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PS-You'll see a lot of these same pics on my thank you =)