Friday, February 11, 2011

Granddad's Birthday

On Friday night, it was time to celebrate my dad's birthday!  We're a family with a lot of winter birthdays - within less than four weeks, we have birthdays for Greg, Jillian, my dad, and Carlton!  So, we met my parents and Greg and Jillian at the Swheat Market downtown to celebrate Granddad's birthday dinner!  

We all had yummy organic fare from Swheat Market - steaks, Cuban sandwiches, and black bean burgers ... and Katie Anne had a giant piece of chocolate cake!  My dad got a golf swing lesson from my mom, a set of ramps that he'd wanted for working on his truck from us, and shirts from Greg and Jillian.  We had a fun time having dinner together to celebrate my dad's birthday!

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Jillian said...

Good grief. I look like crap. lol but there's not much I can do after a day of chasing two 1.5 year olds =) Fun party!