Thursday, February 17, 2011

Katie Anne's First Field Trip

I can't believe how fast Katie Anne is growing up.  Really, really ... really growing up.  It is crazy - but it's true.  It just seems like Katie Anne's gone from a little girl to a big kid so quickly lately.  She's almost four years old ... she's sounding out words and writing her name ... I just signed her up for public school last week ... and she took her first field trip today!  That's right - Katie Anne is old enough for field trips, and she took her first one this morning to the fire station.  I wish I could've been there to see her and all her friends on their first field trip, but I don't have any leave time left for this year after my maternity leave.  Luckily, Saunders has flexibility in his work schedule, so he was able to be there.  He met her class at the fire station and got lots of cute pictures of her and her friends on their big outing!  She had an amazing time and learned a lot about community helpers, fire trucks, ambulances - and the loud sirens!

Here she comes!

Rockin' her cute new haircut at the fire station:

Look at that cute kid!

Getting ready for the big moment - hearing the siren!

The siren definitely made the biggest impact on her - it was all she wanted to talk about when she got home!

Listening carefully to the lesson in the fire truck:


Anjie said...

Very cool!! She definitely does look very grown-up these days! Where have our little babies gone??? :(

cindy glawson said...

What a grown up girl! A little sad to see her first field trip and registering for school. But she defiantly is ready to handle it!

Pat said...

It happens so fast, doesn't it??? Katie Anne is a doll!! And so grown up!!