Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Date Night

Happy Valentine's Day!
Katie Anne and her daddy had a Valentine's date night together tonight.  Doc's jazz band - The Etowah Jazz Society - had a concert tonight downtown at the Grand Theater.  We all thought about going as a family, but SJ doesn't have the stamina to last through a concert that starts at 7:00 pm after a long day at daycare.  So, Daddy and KA represented the family at the concert.  First, they went out to dinner together - Katie Anne wanted Okinawa, but it was packed.  So, they headed over to Cici's Pizza for KA's favorite - mac 'n cheese pizza - and playing lots of games.  Then, it was off to Chic-fil-A for Valentine's Icedreams.  After that, they headed to the concert.  Daddy reports that Katie Anne's behavior was amazing at the concert... she listened quietly and watched the entire show from start to finish - 1.5 hours!  Katie Anne reports that she really likes jazz, loved the pizza, and thinks the little dog that Daddy brought her home as a special Valentine treat is super cute (she named it Spot) ... but the best part of the evening was the Icedream.  :)

I had a pretty cute Valentine's date, too!
SJ and I just relaxed at home - enjoyed a big bowl of bananas and rice cereal (well, he enjoyed it!), watched an Oprah together, cleaned up the house, and went to bed early!  It was a very happy Valentine's Day!


Kelly said...

Perfect way to spend a Valentines day!

Vanessa said...

Precious little Valentines! I'm so proud of KA sitting through the whole concert - that's impressive!!