Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lily's Tea Party

On Saturday, we celebrated Lily's 5th birthday with a special tea party!  
Katie Anne was so excited to get dressed up in a fancy dress and have a tea party with her friends.  Vanessa did such a great job of planning the tea.  The fun started when all the little girls got to make fancy hats...

Then, it was time to for fancy manicures and pedicures... 

Finally, all the girls got their makeup applied before the actual tea party began!  

Then it was time for a fancy afternoon tea - using Vanessa's wedding china!  What a brave woman!  The little girls loved the petit fours, fancy marshmellows, fruit, and everything else dainty and petite.  They used their best table manners, too!  

After the tea party, Lily got to open all her special presents.

Lily and the girls loved the gift that Katie Anne had picked for Lily - a PlayDoh Cake Making Machine.  They busted into it and started making cakes right away!

It was such a fun tea party for sweet Lily and her friends!

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