Thursday, March 10, 2011

SJ's 6 Month Well Check

SJ had his six-month well visit with Dr. Ryan today!
Everything went well.  SJ is right on track with all his milestones - he's sitting up unsupported, rolling over both ways, transferring objects from hand to hand, etc.  In fact, he sat up during the whole examination this time!

He's also growing like a champion!  In fact, SJ is the size of the average one-year-old!  He weighed in at a whopping 20 lb, 7 oz and measuring a gigantic 28 inches long!  Considering that the average one-year-old is 21 lbs and 28 inches long, SJ is quite the man.
Big boys need love, too!
 "Mom, did you just put my weight online for public ridicule?"
In all seriousness, Dr. Ryan is not worried about SJ's weight because most babies triple their birth weight by age 1, and that would be 27 lbs for SJ.  He was a big baby to begin with, so he's not going to reverse it and be tiny now.  Also, Dr. Ryan said that SJ is proportional - it would be different if he were 20 lbs and the "regular" 6 month length, but since he's super tall it all kind of balances out. 
So, SJ laughs at all the haters out there.
SJ got three shots, and he took them like a total man.  He only cried for a few seconds, and then he gave a teary-eyed smile at the nurse!  She couldn't believe it and said it made her feel so bad that he was smiling with his little eyes filled with tears!  That was all the crying he did about the shots, although he did his new skill - a fake cry/laugh that's kind of like "ah - ah - ah" (very George McFly-like) for a few minutes after the shots to show his displeasure.  
Here he is in full George McFly mode:
Dr. Ryan did give SJ his first antibiotic today - his ears were a little red and had some fluid in them, and he's had a cold since December, so SJ needed a little antibiotic help to kick the sinus infection and stop his ears from getting too infected as well.  Dr. Ryan also said that SJ isn't getting enough sleep and should be sleeping 10-12 hours straight through the night at this point.  Hey, I agree with that!  Unfortunately, it just isn't happening.  His sinuses and ears may be waking him up, so the antibiotic will alleviate that cause.  Also, Dr. Ryan gave me a plan for slowly cutting his nighttime bottle of formula with water over the next month to try to eliminate that middle of the night feeding.  Fingers crossed that it works!


cindy glawson said...

That is a tall boy! BUT his granddad had a grandfather that was 7 feet tall. Who knows, that may have skipped a couple of generations....No matter what, he had a terrific well check!

Jillian said...

That's a handsome man!

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SGiles said...

I can't believe how big he is getting!!! So cute!!