Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Literary Stylings of Katie Anne

Since learning how to write her name by herself a few weeks ago, Katie Anne's handwriting has really taken off.  She now writes her last name on everything!  This is her first attempt at writing Jones by herself from several weeks ago:
 Of course, all this writing knowledge hasn't been without its share of drama.  Sometimes, people leave off the "e" at the end of Katie Anne's name.  Lots of people do it.  It drives me crazy, but I don't mention it - it's just what happens when there are two very common spellings of your name.  Well, now that Katie Anne knows there's an "e" at the end of Anne, she's started adding it to her name when anyone - including her teachers - forget it.

 That in and of itself isn't a problem ... but when Katie Anne brought this paper home, she said, "I fixed my name on my paper, and then I got in trouble!"  When I got her to explain to me what had happened, apparently she's not too shy about pointing out the mistake to her teachers whenever they make it.  :)    
So, this lead to a long discussion about when it's okay to correct people, and when it's better to just keep it to yourself.  I think she's learned her lesson because today she told me that one of her teachers had been singing a song about left and right, but she'd gotten her left and right hands mixed up.  I asked Katie Anne if she'd said anything about it, but she said, "No, I didn't mention it."  Haha!

One other writing development is something that's really near and dear to my heart.  Anyone who knows me well knows I have a deep and abiding love of fonts, and I have a signature font that I claimed as my own years ago ... my beloved Tinkertoy!
Oh, Tinkertoy, you bring me so much joy!  I love to use Tinkertoy whenever I can - when typing or writing letters myself.  Even though I've never explicitly taught Katie Anne about adding the little dots to her letters, I guessed she's picked up on it.  And, bless her little heart, she tries her best to do Tinkertoy on her own!  When I caught her writing her name this way on some of her Valentine's cards, she said, "I'm writing like you, Mommy!"  That's a girl after my own heart!


Carrie Beth said...

I can't believe she's adding the dots! That is adorable!

Kelly said...

3 going on 35, I swear. I love that she adds an E to the end of her name. It reminds me of how Javi still corrects 92% of the people he comes into contact with because they refuse to learn his name. Sometimes you just have to correct.

Jillian said...

Too funny! The girl is brilliant!

Trisha Jones said...

Oh my gosh, the child has corrected her own teacher before she was even 4 years old... I just can't get over how hilarious that is. When I saw that little pink "E" at the end of her teacher's handwriting, I just about lost it. TOO FUNNY! And what a great lesson to learn, too--when it's okay to correct someone and when it's not. Love this kiddo!