Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dress Up Fun

Katie Anne loves to play dress up right now.  She dresses up as someone different every day.  Of course, her favorites are the Disney princesses, but she thinks of lots of other people to be, too.  She's been a doctor, a waitress, a rock star, a bride, a vet, a mommy, an astronaut, a ballerina, and lots more.  Today, she was Cinderella.  
When it was time to run some errands, she asked if she could wear her Cinderella outfit.  For a second, I thought about saying no, but then I thought: If you can't wear your dress up clothes to Target at four years old, when can you?  Plus, the time for her to actually be playing dress up and pretending to be a princess is probably passing even faster than I realize, so I told her that she could definitely wear her dress up clothes to Target.  So, Cinderella, SJ, and I ran our errands in style today!

At lunchtime, it was time for Belle to make an appearance.  This time, Katie Anne let SJ get into the dress up fun, too!

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