Thursday, June 9, 2011

Katie Anne's Cheer Camp

This week, Katie Anne went to the CHS Varsity Girls' Cheer Camp.  I was a little nervous about letting her go, but she was cheering up an age level so she could be with Lily, so I knew she had a friend.  I also knew most of the cheer coaches and moms that were helping with camp (a lot of those ladies teach at CPS with me), and lots of the cheerleaders are my former fourth grade students!  That makes me feel old! 

Katie Anne learned a lot at camp and had a really fun time.  On Thursday, she had a little cheer performance, and we were able to watch her do some of the things she'd learned.  She's an awesome little cheerleader!

My mom took most of the pictures of the show on her nice camera, and I don't have those.  But, I did take a few of KA on the first day, and I also took one of her with Lily on Crazy Outfit Day!

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