Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hotel for Dogs

This summer, our local theater has been offering kids' movies for $1 on Thursday mornings.  It's not quite as cheap as the free movies that are offered in Kennesaw, but a five minute drive vs a thirty minute drive is definitely worth paying a few bucks for!  We've watched a few movies there this summer, and we've really had a great time enjoying some shows we missed when they were released in theaters the first time.
Of course, Katie Anne loves to go to the movies.  Going to the movies in the summer is a tradition that we've been doing for the past several years.  She does great in the theater, eating her popcorn and watching the entire movie like a complete adult.  SJ is a bit more tricky because the movie doesn't hold his attention for the entire time.  Luckily, my mom is able to go with us to the movies and help out. 
There's just no way I could take both kids to the movies by myself right now, so it's great that my mom can sit with Katie Anne and watch the movie if I need to take SJ out or stand up and bounce him around.  So far, he's done well in the theater for the most part.  He usually watches the previews and first part of the movie while eating some snacks that I bring from home.  Then, he takes a bottle (not normally a bottle time for him, but it helps him stay quiet and settle down), and then I walk or bounce him around until he falls asleep.  The $1 movie showtimes are at 10:00, so that works pretty well with his naptime.  If we're lucky, he'll sleep from that point on until the movie is almost over. 
These pictures are from our morning watching Hotel for Dogs.  Just for fun, here's one picture of SJ photo bombing poor Katie Anne's movie picture!

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