Monday, June 13, 2011

Messy Eaters!

SJ is your typical baby ... he loves to make a mess when he eats!  
 SJ has almost completely given up baby food at this point, and he loves to feed himself.  When he gets started, there's no holding him back - he smears food all over himself!  He loves to rub food in his hair and eyebrows, so cleaning him up after a meal is quite a challenge!
Yum yum - eating off his own arm:
Action Shot!
Nasty hands!
The other day, I tried giving SJ a plate for the first time.  That didn't go over too well... in about 3 seconds, he'd dumped all the food from his plate into his lap and tossed the plate in the floor!
Now, that's better!
Katie Anne was totally different as a baby - she rarely got food on her face and didn't like making a mess.  But, if brother does something funny, she wants to do it, too ... so for the sake of fun, she made a little mess today as well!
Normally, she's a very neat eater.  She does NOT like to get food on her clothes.  So, for this messy meal of Spaghettios, she asked to wear one of SJ's bibs to keep her shirt clean!

Here are some silly pictures of KA eating, too!

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Cam said...

they may be messy but they're cute! :)