Sunday, May 30, 2010

Great Deals at Costco!

Today, we headed down to Costco for a new phone.  Crazily, our house only has three phone jacks - two are back-to-back (one in the living room wall, one in the opposite side of the same wall in the kitchen).  Why would you need two so close together, when there's a door right beside both phones?  It literally takes 2 seconds to walk from one phone to the other... no reason for both.  The only other phone jack is in what is currently the office, but which will (hopefully!) become SJ4's nursery very soon.  So, we can't exactly keep a phone in there.  Yep, if you're wondering ... that means no phone in the master bedroom (or any other bedrooms except SJ4's), the whole upstairs, the whole basement ... not too practical.  Luckily, Costco carries lots of phones that only really need 1 jack to work.  You plug in the main phone in the phone jack outlet, and the rest are just cordless phones that only need to plug into a power outlet.  We've had a phone system like this with only two phones - one on the base in the living room and one cordless in the master bedroom, but it has died a slow death over the last few months.  So, we were so excited to head to Costco and find a new AT&T phone system with 3 cordless phones!  That means one in the living room, one in the master bedroom, and one in the basement - all for only $49.99!  Sweet!

That phone may have been the intention of the trip and was a great deal ... but it wasn't the best deal!  The best deal by far was some super-cute baby boy clothes for SJ4!  Costco has some great deals on baby clothes (up to 24 months) right now, and Katie Anne and I got very excited about picking out stuff for baby Saunders - so much so that big Saunders had to put the brakes on us and stop the buying frenzy that was occurring!  (I got everything in 3 months size, because I'm pretty confident that he'll be in that size - 8 to 12.5 lbs - when he's born, and it will be warm enough for him to wear short-sleeved stuff until October.)

Here's what we got...
 One-piece rompers: regular price = $16.00 each ... our price = $5.47!

Onesie and pants sets: regular price = $17.00 each ... our price = $8.47!

One-piece bulldozer plaid sunsuit: regular price = $16.00 ... our price = $5.47!
(I really wish there had been more of these in his size... there were so many cute ones! Fish, frogs, dinosaurs... but this one was the only 3 month one in the bunch, and I'm afraid to try to guess his size for next summer.)

Total Regular Retail Price = $115
Costco Price = $47.29
That's a savings of $67.71!!!

Crazy deals on cute stuff!  Now, I've just got to get that office changed into a nursery so I can put them away...

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Anonymous said...

Great deals on some very cute clothes!! :) Yay Costco!