Sunday, May 23, 2010

Water Day!

Yesterday, while we were at Target, we saw some super deals on outdoor water toys.  For $4.99 each, they had all kinds of fun things - we chose a sprinkler hopscotch game and and a slip-n-slide.  Katie Anne could barely wait until it was warm enough outside today to give them a try!
The hopscotch worked like a charm, and the slip-n-slide was fine - but the sprayer was a little weak and kept spraying off in the wrong direction.  What can you expect for $4.99?  Of course, Daddy had a plan and an upgrade in mind...
So, with a little help from the sprinkler, the slip-n-slide went super-power ... and Katie Anne had a blast playing outside until way past lunchtime!  The yard was sopping wet and totally muddy, and we were all soaked by the time we were through - but as KA kept saying, "This is such a great family fun day!"
She had an absolute blast!  It was so cute at naptime - when I was getting her settled down, she said, "I keep finkin' about it, and I can't decide which part of the family fun day was my favorite ... but I fink it was the slip-n-slide."  :)


Carrie Beth said...

That slip-n-slide looks like so much fun! I might be making a trip to Target. :-)

Anonymous said...

I bought a cute bug sprinkler from Target recently too! I love the hopscotch one. :)

I thought about a slip-n-slide but finally decided that this was not the right year for one yet. I was afraid she'd get hurt. I'm glad KA was safe and had a great time on hers!!! Water is so much fun.