Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kindergarten Baby Shower

Today, my class had a surprise baby shower for me and Saunders IV!  My room mom and my paraprofessional had put the whole thing together with the help of a few other parents.  It was so sweet, and the kids were beyond excited about it.  We started the festivities with a little breakfast of sausage balls, donut holes, fruit, and drinks.  Then, I got to open all the presents my students had brought for SJ4!  He got lots and lots of diapers and wipes, several cute little outfits, a Target gift card, baby booties, and a handmade blanket from Jonnathan's mom.  We had a great time celebrating together!

The kids think my belly is huge, so this is a picture of them staring at it in amazement:
My parapro Ms. Gina and me:

*And, if you think it looks like a bomb went off in my classroom, that's because I'm moving to a new classroom next year, and I'm almost finished packing every single thing in that room into boxes!  My goal is to be finished by tomorrow, which is the last day of school for students and Ms. Gina.

That night, Katie Anne had a great time going through all of SJ4's gifts with me and helping me organize them:


Carrie Beth said...

How sweet of your class to throw you a shower! I can't get over how long KA's hair is getting. It looks so cute on her.

apaprikao said...

That was very nice of your class! How cute! Looks like SJ4 got a lot of nice and useful things!! :)

KA looks so grown up in these pictures! I agree with the previous commenter! Her hair is getting very long. I remember when you had it cut into a cute bob!

Trisha Jones said...

It looks like the surprise shower was really fun for you and your little kiddos!

Katie Anne is looking bigger and bigger with every picture you post... she's definitely ready for her little brother to be here!

cindy glawson said...

What a sweet class! Thank you Miss Gina!