Saturday, December 4, 2010

Katie Anne's Christmas Craft Party!

This morning, Katie Anne had a Christmas Craft Party for all her friends!  

Normally each December, my friends Vanessa, Natalie, and I take the kids to Pottery Lane - a local pottery painting studio - to make ornaments.  Unfortunately, that business closed this year, and I was so disappointed that we'd miss out on our annual tradition - and the handpainted ornaments!  So, I got the idea to have an ornament making party for kids here at our house.  Of course, crafter extraordinaire Katie Anne was totally excited about that idea... but I think I had more fun getting this party together than anyone else involved!  This is soooo my idea of a good time!  I decided to have a morning party to hopefully avoid ruining anyone's naps.  For snacks, I had cupcakes, goldfish crackers, and grapes with apple juice for the kids to drink and coffee with seasonal creamers for the adults.  I raided Hobby Lobby and bought tons of wooden, ceramic, glass, and foam ornaments, along with lots of paint, stickers, and markers.  My mom came over and helped me get ready for the craftiness the night before - we covered my dining room table with red and white butcher paper and laid out all the goodies.  Katie Anne made sample ornaments for ideas, and we put those out, too.  It looked like a crafty kid's winter wonderland to me!

When all the kids arrived, they played in the living room with Katie Anne's Little People Nativity set and Santa Train (we cover all the bases here).  They had a great time playing with all the Little People!

Then, when all our friends had gotten here, it was time for the crafting to begin!  I thought it would be a bad idea to have directed crafts or make all the kids make the same ornament.  We had lots of different ability levels, interests, and ages (infant - four years old), so I thought too much direction would be a disaster waiting to happen.  I just turned the kids and parents loose, and everyone made crafty things at their own pace!  There were lots of beautiful ornaments made by all the precious kiddos, all the kids were really well-behaved and careful with the supplies, and everyone seemed to have a great time!  

Snack break!
 SJ napped for part of the party, but he couldn't stay away from the good times for long!  He had to come and hang out with Gigi, Daddy, Mommy, and the rest of the party gang.
 My kids in their cute matching outfits:
 SJ did so great hanging out in his swing for part of the party:
 Of course, it isn't hard for a boy to keep himself occupied when he's surrounded by cute, doting girls:

We are so thankful for our all great friends!
We couldn't have asked for a more fun Christmas Craft Party!  Katie Anne and I hope we can make this a new tradition for all our friends!


Kelly said...

Love this idea! I usually have a craft party for Halloween (mini-pumpkins) and Valentines (cookies) but forgot all about Christmas. Maybe I'll steal it!

cindy glawson said...

Great pictures! :) Fun idea!