Thursday, December 8, 2011

PreK Christmas Craft Night!

On December 8, CPS hosted a PreK Family Craft Night.  It was so cute!  There were lots of stations where kids could make cute Christmas things. Katie Anne had lots of fun and made a bag full of cute things!  Here are some cute pictures of the craft night fun.
Decorating cookies:
 Making a Santa countdown calendar:
 Christmas book activities in the library:
 Making a reindeer:
 Decorating a Christmas picture frame with her cute face inside!
SJ with Daddy and Mommy before his slow descent into madness:
Unfortunately, SJ was totally out of his mind at this event.  He wanted to run through the cafeteria where the crafts were, and when we wouldn't let that happen, he just lost it.  
 Dad tries to act like this is not as embarrassing as it actually was:

Luckily, Daddy and I were in two separate cars.  So, the boys left early while KA and I did the last few crafts and waited for a visit with Santa!

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