Saturday, December 3, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

On Saturday, December 3, I took the kids to the Country Club for Breakfast with Santa.  We met Doc and VJ for our annual visit with the Jolly Old Elf himself and a big breakfast.  Due to VJ's recent surgery, we weren't sure if we'd be doing Breakfast with Santa until a few days before.  So, the breakfast crowd at our table was much smaller than normal - in fact, Saunders didn't get to come to breakfast with us this year because he had to work this morning.  Saunders was very disappointed that he had to miss the kids' visit with Santa this year, but I took plenty of pictures for him to see!

 Breakfast Photos:

SJ wasn't really into sitting on Santa's lap this year.  In fact, he was pretty afraid of Santa when we saw him.  However, Katie Anne's excitement more than made up for SJ's hesistance.  She was incredibly excited about seeing Santa this year!  She was prepared and ready to chat with him about how good she'd been recently and what all she wanted him to bring her.

She had a definite list of things she wanted this year: an American Girl doll that looks like her, Go-Go My Walking Pup, a Play-Doh "Drill and Fill" dentist set, and the ever-elusive Fijit Friend Willa!  When Katie Anne asked for the Fijit Friend, Santa completely pulled a blank and asked her what she was talking about... whoops!  She explained it clearly, and he told her that was no problem - she'd definitely see the Fijit Friend under her tree if she was good until Christmas.  Well, Santa might should've checked with the elves before he made lots of promises - the Fijits are the hot item this year, and they're sold out everywhere (and going for ridiculous marked-up rates on Ebay)!  Hopefully, Santa's got some special tricks up his sleeve to make that Fijit Friend Willa happen! 

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