Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning!

On Christmas morning, we were so excited to see the kids' faces when they saw their surprises!
Katie Anne woke up so pumped up and ready to go!  SJ was a little shocked by the cameras in his face and all the excitement at that early hour, and he got nervous.  So, he ran and hid in the bathroom for a minute when it was time to go and see what Santa had brought!  Katie Anne tried to pull him along with her, but then she let him go and ran to check out her goodies!

After a minute, when he realized that there was nothing to be afraid of, SJ ran in and joined in the fun!  The kids were so excited about all their special treats from Santa!

Katie Anne immediately found her Fijit Friend Willa... and surprise-surprise, SJ had one, too!  (He got the Fijit Friend Sage.)  They were so excited about the Fijits!
Fijit Dancing Time!

After the kids had seen their Santa surprises, Katie Anne and SJ got to open their big gifts from Mommy and Daddy.  KA went first, and she was so excited to see an American Girl doll that looks like her!  It was so sweet- she almost cried when she saw what was under that wrapping paper.  KA named her Chloe.  She was also excited about the bed for Chloe - I'd found the bed at a yard sale a long time ago.  I painted it and made bedding for it to match KA's room.  I loved my American Girl doll, Kirsten, when I was a little girl (and I still have her to give to KA - she can be Chloe's friend), and I am so excited that Katie Anne loves hers, too!

Then, it was SJ's turn.  He loves his motorcycle!  I think it will be a lot of fun for him this spring when KA rides her bike.

More Christmas morning highlights...
 KA loves her Play-Doh dentist set, too!

My big gift this year... was a dSLR camera!  I am beyond excited.  I've asked for one of these cameras for three years, so I didn't even put it on my list this year because I knew I wouldn't get it.  Saunders definitely surprised me big time with it this year.  It is way more than I was expecting, and I totally love it! 

It was a wonderful Christmas morning!

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