Friday, December 23, 2011

The Johnston Family Christmas

This year, we celebrated with my extended family on December 23 at my parents' house.  It was one of our most fun big Johnston family parties that I can remember! 
Before the party started, I surprised my parents with an early present... a CD of Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers singing Christmas songs!  We used to listen to this album on a record when I was a little girl, so I was so excited to see the CD in Target a few days before the party!

Since my mom was hosting, she made a few changes to our normal routine, and it was a really great party!  The first change was the food.  Instead of doing our traditional meal with everyone bringing different things, we did heavy hors d'oeuvres for dinner.  My mom made most of the food, and Jillian and I brought a few things to eat as well.  It was all really tasty, and I think everyone liked the change!
Another change was the games.  My mom had heard about "Minute to Win It", and she decided that everyone would like playing the short games and doing the different challenges.  I'll have to admit- I didn't know how this would go over.  But, Gigi was totally right - it was a ton of fun and everyone loved it!  People were cheering and getting into it - and a lot of people got really competitive!  It was a great time, and we had some unexpected winners, too.

Then, it was time for the gift exchange.  It was a gift opening frenzy!  The kids got lots of presents, and the adults played the White Elephant (or Dirty Santa- whichever you want to call it) game instead of drawing names this year.  There were a few great gifts - and a few funny lame ones that people kept trying to give away! One man's great gift is definitely another man's gag gift in this game, and poor Angela wound up just taking her scarf and mittens set home with her.  She loved it, but everyone thought it was a gag gift!

 It was a great family Christmas party!

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