Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Jones Family Christmas

On Christmas Eve, we headed over to Doc and VJ's to celebrate Christmas with them!  We ate a big meal together and exchanged gifts.  We got to spend time with Carlton, Trisha, and Grandmama, too.   

It was an extra exciting Christmas Eve celebration this year because Carlton and Trisha announced the gender of their baby (due in June 2012).  They gave everyone a little Christmas bag with a gingerbread cookie inside... the gender of the gingerbread revealed that the new baby Jones is a girl!  We are all so excited to meet our new niece and cousin in June.

Then it was time to exchange gifts!  The kids loved everything that they got.  Some of their favorites were a bed tent, a Disney princess book, and giant wall stickers for Katie Anne and a lights and sounds firetruck and bulldozer for SJ!

SJ got very tired after the gift opening, so he went to take a nap.  We had given Carlton the game Wits and Wagers, so we all played that game together. I think that Saunders will be buying this game for himself, too - it was really fun!

After SJ woke up, his cute gingham shirt was so soaked in drool that he had to wear a back-up shirt... that was Katie Anne's!  He had no shame in his purple size 4T summer shirt- he wore it with pride!

That evening, we made cookies for Santa. VJ also had lots of gingerbread things - trains and houses - that she wanted us to make.  They are kind of hard to do!  We did a good job on the train, but we had to give up on those mini houses.  Then, it was time for baking and decorating cookies!  This is always one of Katie Anne's favorite parts of Christmas Eve!

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