Saturday, May 28, 2011

Car Riders!

About a year ago, Gigi got a little car for free from someone who was getting rid of it.  With a little rehab, it looked just like my Element, and Katie Anne loved having her own little Element to drive around.  The best part was that it was just the right size to drive around our house on the hard wood floors.  Katie Anne really enjoyed it and drove it a lot, and it was her major mode of transportation in her pretend games.

However, she doesn't love it nearly as much as SJ does!  Within the last few days he's become absolutely obsessed with that blue car.  He wants to sit in it, drive it, or be pushed around the house in it all the time.  He would love to spend every waking second in this car! 
 Katie Anne thinks it's great that he wants to ride shotgun with her, and she has loved having a passenger in her car!
She's not quite as sure about having a new driver, though...
 Katie Anne has been very sweet to SJ and has done a good job of sharing the car. She lets him sit in it whenever he'd like, and she loves pushing him around in it, too.
 (It also might help just a teeny bit that I foresaw this problem when SJ first started dominating the car.  So, I went upstairs where we've been saving lots of KA's toys for a younger sibling, and I got down another riding toy of hers from the toddler days.  Sneaky Mommy!  So, one rides in the blue car and one rides on the "motorcycle", and then they switch.  Sharing is much easier when you've got another vehicle waiting on you!)

And, just for fun, here's one more picture... she was actually reaching up for the camera to look at a picture I'd just taken, and I accidentally snapped one more, but it looks like Katie Anne's protecting SJ from the paparazzi.  "No more pictures!"

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