Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pennies for Japan

At the end of April, Katie Anne and SJ's school started a fundraiser called "Pennies for Japan".  The teachers told the kids a little bit about the earthquake and tsunami, and then kids were encouraged to bring in bags of pennies to donate to the American Red Cross. 

Well, Katie Anne got very into gathering pennies for Japan.  She was so sincere and earnest when she explained her view of what happened and told us all about getting together pennies for the kids in Japan.  All this week, she's being going through the change in my purse, the cars, and anywhere else she can find a penny.  On the morning I took these pictures, she was cleaning out one of her piggy banks...
plus Daddy's big jar of change!
(Yes, Saunders keeps his change in a big Jack Daniels' bottle.  So, I dumped the change out into the big plastic container so she could sort through for pennies.)
She took her sorting job very seriously - she only wanted to pick out the pennies!  It was "Pennies for Japan", after all!
Our little philanthropist was so proud to take a bag with bunches of pennies to school to donate!
When she got to school, she realized she had accidentally taken a nickel in her penny bag.  Her teacher thought her reaction was funny, so she wrote a note and told us what happened when KA saw it.  Katie Anne said, "Oh, no!  I was supposed to bring the pennies and leave my dad the coins!  I've gotta take the silver money back to my dad."  Saunders told her it would've been okay to donate a nickel to the cause, but she brought the nickel back home that afternoon.  :)

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