Saturday, May 21, 2011

SJ's First Swim!

SJ went swimming for the first time today!  He took his first dip at Doc and VJ's pool.  He stayed in the pool for about 30 minutes this first time in...
 Then he chilled under the umbrella with me while Daddy and KA swam some more.
 SJ wasn't scared of the water at all.  He loved splashing in the water on the steps, but he was a little unsure about being submerged up to his chest in his new float.  
Katie Anne jumped right back in the water like a little fish this summer.  She doesn't need floaties this year and is not at all afraid to hold her breath and stick her face underwater!  I'm going to pick up some goggles for her because the pool water does bother her eyes.  I think she'll be swimming for real in no time!

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