Monday, May 16, 2011

New Car Seats!

Today was a big day for both of the kids - they both made a big move from their old car seats into new ones!
   SJ moved up from his infant car seat into a rear-facing convertible... he's using one of Katie Anne's old seats, but he also got a new one that's just for him!  He was very happy to stretch out in the new, bigger seat.
While we were shopping for a car seat for SJ and trying to do the math on whether to buy SJ 2 new car seats or KA 2 new ones and reuse her old ones for him, we realized something crazy... Katie Anne is well past the height and weight requirements for a booster seat!  Apparently, she could've moved up to a high-backed booster a long time ago, and now she's actually big enough for the backless booster.  I could not believe it - and I wrestled with the idea of moving her up because I just couldn't accept that she's that grown up!  But, finally I did accept it, and we bought her a booster seat!  She is so excited to be riding like a big girl in the car.
 (But ... I'm still keeping her in the high-backed booster for awhile.  Even though she can ride backless, I just feel better with her being a little more protected.  She's not all grown up yet!)

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