Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Morning

On Easter morning, we got up bright and early - we were going to try to take both kids to church for the first time!  Before we got ready to go to the First Baptist Church, the kids got to check out what the Easter Bunny had brought them.
The Easter Bunny gave them both fun things.  They each got a book, a spring-y stuffed animal, two other toys they'd wanted, and a monogrammed pail to take to the beach this summer.

Katie Anne's book was Knuffle Bunny Free, her springy animal was Melody from Hello Kitty, and her two other toys were a bouncy ball and a mini Ladybug Pillow Pet, both of which she'd really wanted.  She also got a little candy in her basket.

SJ got a textured board book called Little Feet Love, two different kinds of teether toys, and Keroppi from Hello Kitty.
The kids loved everything in their Easter Baskets!

After we got through checking out the baskets, we got ready for church - and actually made it there, on time, with both kids!  Katie Anne had a lot of fun playing and learning in Wee Worship with Lily and some friends from Cubbies, and SJ was excellent in the service with Saunders, Josh, Vanessa, and I.  After church, we took Katie Anne outside to egg hunt with some of her classmates from Cubbies.

SJ was so tired - he was definitely ready to go home and take a nap after his busy Easter morning!

Because of the visitation for Papaw on Easter Sunday afternoon and the funeral the next day, we didn't have our normal Johnston family Easter lunch at Angela's as planned.   We also missed celebrating Easter with my family and hunting eggs at my parents' house due to my mom's surgery and Papaw's passing, although we did get to see my side of the family on Easter Sunday for the visitation.  Despite the sadness we were all feeling and all the changes from our normal Easter routine, it was still a good Easter for the kids, and SJ enjoyed his first Easter!

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