Saturday, May 12, 2012

Duck Dash 5K and Fun Run!

This morning, I ran the Duck Dash 5K with some of my running pals, and Katie Anne ran the kids' half-mile Duck Fun Run!  These races are fundraisers for Advocates for Bartow's Children - they're part of the Duck Derby fundraising activities.  The races were fun and challenging, and KA and I both did a great job!  I got my fastest 5K time so far - 32 minutes!  Katie Anne did a great job on her fun run, too.  She ran the whole time and got a medal!  Saunders, SJ, and Gigi came out to support us - and took pictures, too!  It was a great family morning out.  Here are some pictures of the fun.

Pre-race family photo:
Me and my little runner - we made these matching duck-themed shirts together!
 Last minute advice from KA:
 SJ and Gigi are ready to cheer us on!

Getting ready for race time!
Me and V are ready to run!
And we're off!
Running hard!
Watching Mommy's race!

 My two smallest fans!
 Here I come! 

 Me and Vanessa after the race!
Now it's Katie Anne's turn!  She's stretching out before the big run.
 Little #86 is ready to race!
Walking down the hill to her race course.
   Addison looks a little frozen, and KA looks a little nervous!
 Checking out the course.
 Getting herself psyched up...
 And they're off!
 Katie Anne took off from the starting line as fast as she could!
 There she goes - speedster!
 Watching anxiously for Sissy... 
 Here she comes around the corner - Dad's cheering her on!
 Running as fast as she can!
 Real ladies run in skorts!
 Almost there...
 Crossing the finish line!
 Whew- she did it!
 High fives for Sister!
I asked Katie Anne if she ran as fast as a cheetah - which is what she said she was going to do.  Katie Anne told me, "I ran as fast as a werewolf !!!"
SJ ran his own pretend race in the parking lot to show off his skills, too.
 Katie Anne earned a medal for her hard work!

 Racing kids!  KA, Addison, Sophie, and Kobey
 Racing mommies and racing kids!  Katie/KA ... Naomi/Sophie ... Heather/Addison ... Shawnee/Kobey!
 So proud of both of us today!
 KA and Daddy
 Our family!
 What do all little racers need?  Snowcones!
 SJ got a treat, too!

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