Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Fun!

Today, we went out on Gigi and Granddad's boat to celebrate Memorial Day on the lake!  We had an excellent time - both of the kids love riding on the boat this year.  Greg, Jillian, and Caroline joined us for a little bit of boat riding and a picnic lunch.  (Caroline isn't too into the boat right now... babies and life jackets don't mix too well.)  We enjoyed feeding the ducks, eating our picnic, and feeling the wind on our faces!

Gigi and KA getting ready to load the boat

 We missed Saunders today!  He is still in Baton Rouge at LSU studying away... no Memorial Day off for banking students!
 My beautiful Memorial Day girl!
 And we're off!  Gigi and the kids on the boat...
 We pulled up to the docks and this little diva got on-board- Caroline!
SJ loves his new life jacket much more than his old one!
 Jillian and Little C - Caroline was not a fan of the life jacket just like SJ wasn't last year.
 Caroline and Gigi
 Two young sailors at the helm!
 Our boat captain - Granddad
 Gigi and Greg
 Mom and me are red, white, and blue!
 The young Glawson fam
 Boat babe
 Me and my girl!
 The Dude taking his job very seriously...

 SJ feeding the ducks!
 Uncle Greg gets in on the action.
 KA feeds the ducks.  The kids loved the baby ducklings!
 Two sillies!

Love this picture of my parents - thanks for taking us out today, Gigi and Granddad!

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