Thursday, May 24, 2012

Katie Anne's First Trip to the Optometrist

This morning, Katie Anne and I made a trip to EyeWorks for her first eye exam!  It was time for my yearly eye exam (I was on my last pair of contacts!), and I wanted KA to get her eyes checked before school started.  Her vision check before preK had been questionable, and we figured that she would need glasses at some point because Saunders and I both wear them. So, getting her vision checked officially this summer was on our to-do list - and she was excited about it!  Katie Anne was very ready to get her eyes checked, and she was really really really hoping she would be able to get glasses today.

The first step was getting her eyes checked by all the machines.  This part of the exam made me nervous because I didn't know how she'd handle it when they blew the puff of air into her eyes, but I was totally wrong!  She handled all the machine checks like a pro, even the eye puff!

Then, it was time to head to the exam room and get her eyes checked!  Katie Anne was excited, but also nervous.  Luckily, she brought some friends with her to keep her company.

The doctor did a great job checking KA's eyes, and she tried really hard to do her best at reading all the letters on the charts.

After the exam, Katie Anne got the big news... she does need glasses!  Her vision was 20/75 without glasses, and she has significant astigmatism that requires correction.  So, she was able to pick out a pair of glasses today!

Her final choice was these lovely light brown glasses - she calls them her "caramels"!  I think they are a fabulous choice, and she looks totally cute in them!

She won't need to wear the glasses all the time right now.  For sports, playing, running around outside- she won't need them.  She really just needs to wear them now for reading, writing, drawing, watching tv, etc - and she's very excited about it!

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